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Wordless Wednesday :) May 30, 2007

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MOVING May 29, 2007

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We are finally moving into our old home. My sister has been there for the past couple of years (while we were living out of state) She is now married and moving out. So back we go. We have come full circle 🙂 I am looking so forward to getting settled. I hate the chaos of moving. I am one of those people who likes organization and peace in the house. Right now everything is in a state of disarray. But I know it is only temporary. We are hoping to be settled by Saturday night. woohoo. Say a prayer for my peace of mind 🙂


Bible Verse May 25, 2007

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Have you ever opened the Word and had a verse jump out at you. You know what I mean, it was like it was written specifically for you. It is exactly what you needed to hear and it is exactly the time you needed to hear it. Sometimes it is a verse I have read a thousand times but never noticed. Sometimes it is a verse I have never seen in a book I have read before. Almost like God stuck that verse in just for me. Sometimes the verse is so specific that I am surprised it doesn’t have my name on it. I love when this happens. Well I said all this to say that I had this happen yesterday. And this time the verse is one I have read a thousand times, but I HEARD it yesterday. Now the cool thing about this verse is that it “enlightened” me as to the a fore mentioned occurrence. God is so truly amazing and awesome. Well, I suppose you want to know the verse huh 🙂 Here it is…………..

“For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” ~ Hebrews 4:12 NASB


Look What I did !!! May 24, 2007

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I made this dress all by myself !! It took all day, but it was sooo worth it ! I can’t wait to make one for Lainey 🙂 I hand embroidered those circles on myself and the dress made it through a wash cycle ( I sat there the whole time with my fingers crossed lol ) Today I plan to tackle a pattern I bought for a vintage apron. I can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

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Cold Mountain May 23, 2007

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Well I tivo’ed this movie on a whim, and watched it because I couldn’t find anything else on. The kids and hubby were asleep and the house was all mine, so I decided to finish up my embroidery project. Anywho, I was looking for something to watch that I didn’t have to concentrate on. Well this was not the movie to pick ! This was an AMAZING movie. I loved it ! It is jam packed with big names, which usually means the movie will be terrible lol This was not the case with Cold Mountain. What a wonderful tribute to true love 🙂 I have to say that I do hate war movies though (even though they are usually some of the best movies) I guess they just offend my sensitive nature. I have a little Scarlet in me 🙂 I just can not imagine having to deal with such a harsh reality as a war in our own country. Ok now I am getting to deep. I just wanted to let everyone know this movie ROCKS. If you get the chance, and a free 3 hours lol, watch it ! It is worth your time. I don’t say that about many movies nowadays.


DONE ! May 21, 2007

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Ok I am finished with my first ever embroidered piece WOOHOO. I love it !!! Check it out !


Family Devotionals

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I have really felt lead to start a family devotional time with the kids. We have always done separate devotionals with them in the past. So last night Russ and I went to BAM and searched high and low for a family devotional. The hard part was finding one that was age appropriate.