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Kids for Christ June 28, 2007

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During the summer our church has a program called Kids for Christ. Every Thursday during June and July the kids go somewhere fun. So far we have been to the water slides, Chuck E Cheese and Skate Heaven. What a great way to pass the summer 🙂

above is a pic from Skate Heaven


Finishing School June 26, 2007

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There is a great blog that I frequent, I though I would share the link. She has started an online Finishing School. What a great idea !!!


Reece is walking

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My baby is growing up !!!! It seams like just yesterday that I found out about my little surprise. Now he is walking! Where does the time go?


Wordless Wednesday :) June 20, 2007

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Becoming Jane June 18, 2007

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I am so very excited about this movie. It is the story about Jane Austen’s life and love. I am sure it is a loose interpretation, but exciting none the less. This movie comes at perfect timing, as I have just finished reading Sense & Sensibility AND Pride & Prejudice. I truly believe that every young woman should read these books ! What a tribute the femininity.

VBS June 14, 2007

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we are in the middle of a successful VBS week. I have the 4th graders. What a GREAT group of kids !! I will be sad when Friday comes and VBS will be over 😦 God has really softened the hearts of a lot of the kids. He is doing a mighty work ! I will be updating more next week when we get back to our normal schedule.

ALL DONE !! June 5, 2007

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WOOHOOOOOO We are settled into our new home! It is so wonderful ! I could NOT be more excited. God has blessed us immensely. We are so happy and comfortable. We are within walking distance of my parents and my grandmother. The kids love being so close to grandparents 🙂 Now that we are settled I will be online again 🙂