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First official day of school August 23, 2007

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WOW here is it, the first day of school for my second child. He is the one sitting down. I know he looks scared, but he is actually very excited ! I still can’t believe that I have 2 kiddos in school. And yet I can believe it because my house is so QUIET !!! After bringing the kids to school this morning I was able to go shopping. Just me and Reece. I am going to enjoy having just him at home, he needs that mommy time 🙂


It is here …… SCHOOL TIME August 22, 2007

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WOW the day is finally here. Lainey and Will are starting school !!! I MADE IT ! I survived the baby, toddler, preschool stage (with only minimal medicinal intervention lol)I really do have such a sense of accomplishment. Now is it just me and Reece at home. Whatever will I do with myself….oh yeah WHATEVER I WANT hehehehehe. Actually I have a great year ahead of me. I have MOPS and a ladies bible study to fill my days 🙂 OH and I get to go to the MOPS convention in Orlando NO KIDS ALLOWED lol oh happy days 🙂