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Cingular Comercial ???? June 29, 2008

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We had a Mario Kart Marathon the other night. The kids had a great time. Gotta love the Wii. I snapped this pic during one of the races and later I realized that the kids looked just like one of those Cingular Wireless comercials, you know the one where everything looks like the signal bars. Too funny huh 🙂 Notice the blockade in front of the tv, the kids kept getting closer and closer.



OK It is addictive June 28, 2008

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LOL I am so surprised I like it but TWITTER is fun !!!! if you twitter let me know so I can follow you 🙂



OK so I finally caved…………. June 26, 2008

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I got a myspace page AND twitter. Don’t really see the twitter page taking off, but from what I hear it is addictive. So i guess we will see 🙂


GO LSU June 10, 2008

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Last night was a ROCKING awesome game. GO TIGERS ! We are Omaha bound.




The baby blankets that just won’t end June 9, 2008

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Ok so I started 2 baby blankets. One I am crocheting and one I am knitting. I feel like I have been working on them FOREVER. At this rate the only babies that I will see use them are my future GRANDCHILDREN lol


VBS June 5, 2008

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OK VBS is almost over and I am so sad 😦 I fall in love with these kids every summer. I really do wish we could have VBS twice a summer. I have such a great group this year. I love their spirit. I can see a wonderful future in all of them! My prayer is that the seeds of salvation were planted this week and will grow and produce fruit soon !


My boys of Summer June 3, 2008

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