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Lazy Dayz June 28, 2009

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Summer seams to do that to me though. No one has to wake up early for school so we spend the morning lounging around and the rest of the day trying to avoid the heat. I am loving it though. I feel like the kids are all getting to the point where we can enjoy each other more. We hang around the living room playing and joking. talking to each other, laughing or crying depending on the hormone levels LOL

I love the age the kids are now. A little more self sufficient. This is important because for a little while there I felt like I was explaining things to them over and over again. “yes you have to brush your teeth morning AND night” After the 100th time of saying that, I wanted to give up and just get them dentures LOL

I must say Russ and I are so very proud of the people they are becoming. It is the little things that make you smile. For example we took the kids to dinner last night. We had so much fun. Will ordered a shrimp cocktail and Lainey ordered snow crab legs. No kids menu mac and cheese for our kids LOL They even ordered there own food when the waiter came around. They were polite and even remembered to put their napkins in their laps !!!

I have always wanted 2 things to come of my parenting. First that ALL of my children will receive Jesus as their Lord and serve him always. Number 2 I want them to take a responsible place in this world. There are too many people out there that are a drain on society. They drain resources, money, peace, safety, well being……just to name a few. Responsible citizens have to be raised. Ok I am off that soap box LOL It is late and I just wanted to say I love my kids and am so very proud of them 🙂