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Lainey’s Birth Story January 27, 2009



                                       I had the perfect pregnancy with Lainey. Everything went as well as can be expected. I didn’t even have morning sickness! Around 35 weeks my doctor started mentioning the possibility that I may not be able to deliver a baby vaginally. I was disappointed but optimistic. I am glad that he had mentioned the possibility to me, because I was able to prepare myself. I had an appointment on the Monday before my due date and I was still only 1 centimeter dilated. I had been that way for 2 weeks. I was so upset. On my due date I went to a fish fry at my uncle’s house. He swore his cooking would put me in labor!! Well the funny thing was I started having contractions later that night. Russ brought me to Wal-Mart so I could walk around. I must have walked 20 miles in the next 2 days. No matter what I did the contractions wouldn’t get any stronger. They came every 10 minutes for 2 days. Finally on the 27th, 2 days after my due date, the doctor wanted to see me. Two days of contractions and I was still 1 centimeter!!! I cried the whole way home!!!! He told me that he would induce the next week. That night, while I was watching a movie, my water broke. I thought I had peed on myself!!! ha ha. When I went to the bathroom I noticed that it had a greenish tinge to it. I knew that was bad, so I called the hospital and they told me to come in right away. So off to the hospital we went. I was given an epidural as soon as I got there because the anesthesiologist was leaving for the night. So I felt NO pain. It took 9 hours to get to 5 centimeters, and 45 minutes to get from 5 to 10. The nurses came in and had me start pushing. Every time I would push Lainey’s heartbeat would drop. So they put me on my left side and gave me oxygen. I pushed again and her heartbeat dropped to 50 and wouldn’t come back up. They paged the doctor STAT. Thank God he was down the hall. He came in and looked and her cord had come out. She was laying on top of it, cutting her oxygen supply.( she wasn’t on the outside yet) He jumped on the bed with me and pushed Lainey back in me and wheeled me into the operating room. I had about 10 people buzzing around me and everyone kept saying STAT. It was like an episode of ER. I was praying out loud trying to stay calm. Russ was crying. My whole family was confused. They were waiting outside the door and the next thing they knew I was being wheeled by them with a doctor laying on me. It was crazy. Lainey was delivered within 5 minutes. She was gray and non-responsive. I kept asking if she was ok an no one would answer me. Then I heard the most beautiful noise in the world. My baby cried. I will never EVER forget the feelings I had at that moment. After neonatology checked her out I got to see her. It would be 12 hours before I could hold her. She had to spend the first week of her precious little life in the hospital. Knowing that I could have lost her that day makes her birthday even more special for me. I am truly thankful to have her with me.

     I love you Lainey


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