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My latest project January 30, 2009

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mouse WIP

the mouse


The baby blankets that just won’t end June 9, 2008

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Ok so I started 2 baby blankets. One I am crocheting and one I am knitting. I feel like I have been working on them FOREVER. At this rate the only babies that I will see use them are my future GRANDCHILDREN lol December 9, 2007

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ok this website totally rocks. It has videos for any and all knitting questions ! I even discovered that I knit “English” as opposed to “Continental” woohooo.

hmmmm is is really that exciting or am I just up way to late LOL


Ravelry November 7, 2007

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WOOHOO I finally got my invite to Happiness is me 🙂 I have so many project to finish for Christmas that I really should be crocheting and not blogging 🙂 but I just had to share the good news !