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90% done November 26, 2007

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We were able to get like 90% of the kids Christmas on Saturday. What a relief! I even got my Christmas gift (early) A new digital camera WOOHOO I needed one sooo bad! Mine old one was OLD lol it was only 3 mega pixils. The new one is 8.2 🙂 I am soooo happy AND it came with the docking station. So now I can print my pics ! 🙂 What a yummy Christmas it will be !



Today is Christmas shopping day November 24, 2007

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WOOHOO I love Christmas shopping day ! I am so excited. Hubby set up babysitting so away we go ! So far the only thing we have gotten the kids is MP3 players. I really want that Fisher Price Zebra for the baby. I hope I can find one !