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Facebook has taken over my life May 9, 2009

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OK Seriously, what is it about FB that makes it SOOOOO addictive ? I know I am not the only one !


OK It is addictive June 28, 2008

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LOL I am so surprised I like it but TWITTER is fun !!!! if you twitter let me know so I can follow you 🙂



BAD BLOGGER October 16, 2007

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Ok I am a bad blogger LOL I guess I will catch you up and all my goings on. I went to the MOPS convention in Orlando and WOW it was so rockin awesome! I can’t wait until next year! Matt Redman was our worship leader HELLO it doesn’t get any better than that! Then I had my first MOPS meeting as a discussion group leader. That was so cool. I just love the ladies in my group and I know we are going to have an awesome year 🙂
I have been keeping up with my craft projects as well. I am crocheting scarfs for the kids teachers an bus driver for Christmas. I am getting better at knitting as well, but it takes me forever to do it lol.
Reece is as big as ever. He has learned to climb YIKES I am waiting for the day he figures out how to climb out of him crib 😦 Lainey was 15 months old when she learned so I am expecting it any day now.
Well that is all for now 🙂 Reece and I need to get back to our French lesson

au revoir mes amis