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Reece’s Birth Story July 8, 2008



                    I will always think of Reece as the baby I never knew I wanted. Russ and I were sure we were done having children. In fact I had an IUD put in. Funny how we think we can control our own destiny! When God has plans, the road blocks we put up can’t stop him!        

The beginning of my pregnancy was full of complications. In fact, we were told that it was very likely that we would lose the baby within the first couple of day after finding out we were pregnant. After having the IUD removed (well at least part of it ) we waited to see if the baby made it. Then when I started bleeding we were sure that we had lost him. It was so wonderful to have an ultrasound and see his precious heart beating so strong. I knew then that I wanted this baby more than anything in the world. We began to pray for him, and have the two of us prayed over.

Everything was progressing smoothly until the third trimester when I began to have what the doctors thought were back spasms. They were of course not back spasms, but gallbladder attacks. I ended up back in the hospital when Reece was a week old to have my gallbladder removed.

He was a hard baby to carry because he was 9 POUNDS! 9 pounds! My biggest baby by far. When he would move in my belly I would have to sit down because I could not breathe. I was not surprised at all that he ended up that big.

Being my third c-section I was well prepared, or so I thought. I was scheduled to have my section at 7am. So we got to the hospital and checked in. I dressed in the all to fashionable hospital gown. Then we found out that the OR was occupied by a mom having an emergency section. So I was told it would be a couple of hours at least. NOT what I wanted to hear, but nothing I could do but wait. The nurse came in to put in my IV and that it when the trouble really started. After two attempt of poking me she had no luck. They called in another nurse and she had no luck either L Well the next call was to a doctor. After he poked me 4 times he finally had to put the IV in my hand. One of his failed attempts was in my wrist. I have never felt such pain! OUCH!

The nurse then comes in to tell us they have moved up my surgery time so we have to push my fluids in so I will be ready. They put a cuff on the IV bag and push in a whole bag in just a few minutes. Next thing I know I can’t breathe! They think I am having a panic attack, but what had happened was that the extra fluid made its way into my lungs. I could not take a deep breath. It was so scary!! Russ was so scared by this point. After Lainey’s scary delivery Russ is always worried about me giving birth. They finally get me stable and ready to go to the delivery room.

 I had to go in without Russ because of the epidural. I just have to say that by this point I was scared out of my mind. All I did was pray.  They get me set up on the table for the epidural and it took FOUR tries to get it in! Yes I had to be poked in my spine four times with a huge needle! They finally get it to take praise God. I did not want to be knocked out!

My doctor comes in and tells me he doesn’t know if he can use my old section scar. Well that was my breaking point. I started to cry. He sat down and asked me what was wrong. I told him everything I had been through that morning. I was scared that something was going to go wrong and I would not make it out L I told him I had 2 kids at home that needed a mommy and a husband that needed a wife. He assured me that everything would work out just fine. He brought in Russ and my mom and I started feeling better just having my support system there. Twenty minutes later I had a very healthy baby boy. After it was all said and done they let Russ walk him back to the room! It was so sweet. I will never forget the proud look on his face as he carried his healthy son out of the OR. It was the first time we had a baby that wasn’t taken from us by neonatology. Reece has turned out to be the happiest sweetest baby. I can not imagine my life without him.



I love you Reece!!!


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